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Why You Should Have Started A Blog For Your Business Yesterday

Disclaimer: this is possibly the most meta thing I’ve ever written– and I’ve written films about making films. Okay here we go …

Data read, re-read, and thoroughly criticized, the verdict is in: If you fail to maintain a blog for your business, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunity. Beyond SEO, visibility, and establishing a brand, blogging is one of the most sincere ways to connect to your online audience.

It’s more about building trust than anything else. Blogging may seem mystical at first, but it's easy enough to jump into: write articles about a particular topic of interest, based on the niche of your business.

A blog de-mystifies your brand.

Case studies, historical information, and sharing data. It’s about telling a story. Your audience will stay engaged knowing how you got started, why you started, and the problems you have tackled to succeed. People are much more likely to engage with a brand that they know inside and out, especially when they find the business to be humble, transparent, and within reach.

A blog turns know-it-alls into experts.

If you want to be perceived as a leading expert in your niche, write and post articles in your blog on a regular basis. You’re already talking your friends’ ears off about these topics anyway. Putting things in writing shifts perceptions. Random information becomes organized and helpful, opinions become fact.

A blog connects you with new people.

You’re not going to hear from new people– and thereby new opportunities– unless there is something to respond to. It’s why I tweet all the time (which I’ll delve into in another article) Don’t be afraid to share your secrets. It’s actually beneficial to share everything you know. While your competitors are hiding away the same information, your audience will trust you because of your transparency, and ultimately go to you for your product or service as a result. It’s not just a post - it’s the start of a conversation!

A blog furthers your SEO. Obviously.

We don’t have to get into this. Search Engine marketing is still huge for a reason. Use those keywords, and use them often! Your blog posts will appear at the top of google in no time. Seriously. My poetry blog appears on top of several google searches without even trying. It’s because I update it every day.

A blog helps cultivate your voice.

The absolute best way to learn something is to teach it. The more you are forced to discuss your new product, service, or other issue within your niche, the more you hone that voice for your business. If you’re excited about a product or service, your audience will be too. If you’re serious about it, your audience will be too. It’s all in word choice.

A blog is pretty much free.

Besides word-of-mouth, what other marketing tool is as cheap as that?! Okay, you are committing time to your blog. It takes practice, but let’s be real: if there were a free solution with minimal risk to help grow your business today, would you do it? Yes– and you would have started it yesterday.

So why are you still reading this and not blogging?

Don’t expect immediate results. Remember, a blog is a long-term commitment that can (and will) promote engagement and growth. You have to stick with it to see results. And it’s helpful to utilize social tools like Twitter and Facebook ads to jumpstart engagement.

So go, write about what you’re talking about anyway.

And credit me in your first post :)