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Peacebuilding. It's a Thing.

Watch good work being done.

Sometimes, as a writer, you get certain opportunities to transcend the job, and use your skillset to make unknown impacts in areas that can change the world.

I was commissioned through PeaceAlliance.Org to write a video. The goal? Educate people on the concept of "PeaceBuilding", and bring awareness to the work the group is doing.

I am no expert in peace (ask my frenemies) but I do support whatever can be done to bring an end to war and violence. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of that goal. After many drafts, what I presented was a poem: "Our Next Frontier". It's voiced beautifully by Tom Chantler in the video above.

I was really excited to compose the music as well. I've played and written songs on the piano as a hobby since I was a child. It's about time a piece went toward peace!

Be the movement. See how you can help here.

Directed by Isaac Tintó
Animation/design by Frankie de Leonardis

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