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Are Ads Getting More Sneaky or Savvy?

The Post, The Atlantic, and now Politico.

In this recent article by Ad Age, it is revealed that Politico (a top news blog aimed directly at the Beltway) has officially hired a manager to create an in-house creative studio named "Politico Focus". It's a step that many corporations are taking lately, a smart step in the direction of the future of online advertising.

Better creative jobs?

It might be good new for creatives, because our jobs are more stable than ever living inside large corporations. But perhaps bad news for consumers, who don't like being tricked. "Native Ads" have been popular for quite some time, but they are generally produced by outside agencies, and often have headlines that sometimes scream THIS IS AN AD. With Politico and other top news agencies jumping into the creative arena, the difference between ad and content could soon turn a very cool shade of grey.


Native advertising is a form of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.

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