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Your Brain is Super Powerful and Totally Stupid

Okay, first of all, I've been reading a lot of books lately, which as it turns out is an excellent distraction from writing. I've been tricked into thinking I'm learning all sorts of new things, like how to see everyone around you as blameless and stumbling around in the dark. I digress, the point is - I read David Eagleman's Incognito, a really engaging neuroscience book - written for laymen of course (men who lay about and know nothing) - and here are 3 of the takeaways:

We use the totality of our brains.

That's right, ALL OF IT! Most of everything we do processed with what are called "Zombie Systems", the automatic responses our brain intuits to do things like eat, sleep, breath, and move. Our consciousness just idles on different aspects of our world, focusing on just what it believes it needs to survive at the time. Less TV and the possibilities are endless, friends.

We have no clue what's happening around us.

NOPE! Our consciousness is but a speck on a speck in the universe of our minds. That's right - we don't know what's going on AT ALL, at ANY GIVEN TIME. Ever have a hunch that someone who talked so certain about a subject was really just a master bullshitter? Well as it turns out, you were right! (It's also the reason certainty leads to inevitable disappointment and depression). The lesson? Let it Go!!! (Copyright Disney 2013)

When we share our thoughts, we instantly reap the benefit of it actually happening.

Yup, so when I told all those people I was going to start blogging more, it turns out, my brain has already transmitted some of benefits of having done it. Often, it's better to keep your goals in your mind, and pursue them until fruition. This saves all the juices of success for when success actually happens.

In conclusion? Fuck what you know, trust what you feel, and be open to the perspectives of every squishy other-brain that wanders in your path - they may just see something a little closer to the truth than your stupid little organ could ever show you.

Happiness is a LieJesse Rice