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A blog about needing words to breathe.

"Morning Portrait" - an art project

I feel so blessed to have been inspired by so many leaders in my life - friends that selflessly fill others' lives with what they love.

 "Morning Portrait" is a blog I have maintained every morning for the last year and a half, taking a self-portrait and writing a poem on my iPhone the moment I wake up.

To some, it appears as narcissism incarnate.  But those that choose to delve a little deeper discover something- a spark of inspiration- in the raw improvised creation of words and pictures.

People - even I, a self-actualized 'morning person', are groggy beings when we wake up. Often, we look our worst, and aren't 100% conscious.

So why take on such a project? Here's from the site: 

"Today, I have a new perspective.
When I was younger, I read the book, “The Artist’s Way”, which was a path to discovering the artist within.
Unfortunately, my artist has rarely ever been within - even as a child, I was acting, singing, playing music, painting, sculpting, dancing, writing, drawing, and telling stories. Though I tried, I couldn’t contain all that I wanted to share.
"The Artist’s Way" recommends that people write 3 pages when they wake up, ‘Morning Pages’, thereby unblocking the ego and letting the creative spirit flow. But I found I had no patience or focus to write 3 pages when I was feeling down or uninspired.
I started “Morning Portrait” as my alternative to ‘Morning Pages’, an experiment in getting to know myself better, based on my initial reactions and moods in the morning. When are we more ‘real’ or more ‘ourselves’ than when we’ve hardly had time to think after waking up?
In Early 2012, after 21 years of Christianity, 1 year of Buddhism, 5 boyfriends, hundreds of Alateen meetings, countless ‘A Course in Miracles” lectures, 15 self-help books, and some serious and deep introspection triggered by a sudden and devastating heartbreak, I discovered my first possible purpose in life - my ‘why’:
To show others that there is always a new perspective, and therefore always the potential for infinite happiness.
This blog is a partial answer to that calling.
My hope through this is to gain a more intimate knowledge of my true nature, and to inspire others to create their own version of “Morning Portrait” and discover the possibilities of a different perspective each day."


 My wish is that you can wake up today and create something new, something genuine, and have complete forgiveness with what comes out. 

Happiness is a LieJesse Rice