Jesse James Rice
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a moving picture might do.


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Comedy Feature Film.

A handsome young Beverly Hills manny pretends to be a rich single father for the chance to date his celebrity crush, Darren Brock. Unproduced.

He wouldn’t know talent if it stuck its tongue straight up his hairy hole.
— Manny


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Comedy Short Film.

A young manny (played by Jesse) Walks two kids to school early one morning, debating the relevance of marriage and class differences, culminating in one revealing moment. Will he say yes? Produced by Jesse and Nanea Miyata. Directed by Nanea Miyata 2015.



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Drama Series.

Young grad student Ash is certain his brother's apparent suicide is really an elaborate cover-up for murder, and begins his own investigation leading him through a path of drugs, prostitution, and violence in modern-day Los Angeles. Unproduced.

I need to know what happened.
— Ashes

"Corra at Home"

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Dramedy Short Film.

When a witty and unemployed Corra's best gay friend finds a lover, she fears being stuck all alone in her tiny home town. Produced by Bryan Scott Cooper in 2013. 

Let me know if you have any more slumber parties. I’ll be sure not to fall asleep next to any sharpies. Ultra fun.
— Corra at Home

"2 Girls, 3 Dudes"

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Comedy Series.

Four post-college roommates attempt to support one another while sharing their active and unpredictably creative house. Unproduced.

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I can’t find my wallet. It’s in my pants. I can’t find my pants.
— 2 Girls, 3 Dudes

"Lanne is Gone"

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Drama Short Film.

Heroin addict Dylan finishes rehab just in time to discover that his picture-perfect sister has committed suicide, and stays with his newly-widowed brother-in-law, who has a secret that will change Dylan's life forever. self-Produced in 2012. See the trailer and more here.

She couldn’t even look at me - like she was suddenly completely alone - like she knew she’d been living with a stranger. Or a ghost.
— Leanne is Gone

"Because We're Not All There"

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Dramedy Feature Film.

An estranged gay son comes home to his religious, disconnected family, causing some wacky antics that ultimately lead to discovery and forgiveness. Unproduced. 

Problem-solving, I like. Problem solving, I can grasp. Puzzles are just... unnecessary problems that don’t need solving.
— Because We're Not All There

"Omar the Artist"

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Drama Feature Film.

Street-kid-turned famous contemporary artist, Omar struggles to reconnect with his manipulative, dumpster-diving family. Unproduced. 

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I have like eight or nine brilliant ideas, I just gotta follow through, like entrepreneurial-type shit.
— Omar the Artist

"Brenda, Baby"

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Drama Feature Film.

After her husband undergoes gender-reassignment surgery, Brenda seeks solitude as a hermitous writer in a sleepy Northwest town; what she finds is virtuosity in a curious 18-year-old small-town boy who loves to play the piano. Unproduced. 

Can I go back to the graveyard now? This lighting does nothing for my features.
— Brenda, Baby

"Under the House"

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Thriller Feature Film.

When angsty teen Dorian becomes a sleuth to solve his father's disappearance, he discovers that his mother's secrets run deeper than their suburban home's basement.

Maybe you don’t know your father as well as you think you do.
— Under the House

"Best in Fest"

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Comedy Short Mockumentary.

Several quirky teams of filmmakers battle each other for the top prize in what is ultimately a hilarious festival showcasing the work of amateurs using a Vine-like app on their phones. Produced for the No Budget Film Festival 2013.

Teeth! Teeth, people! I should be being blinded right now. Come on kids; this isn’t Bea Arthur’s funeral, it’s a musical!
— Best in Fest