Jesse James Rice

"Leanne is Gone" Behind the Scenes

a few videos behind the scenes of an indie short film.

Actor Jesse James Rice has a subtle diva moment during the making of 'Leanne is Gone'.
Actors Jesse James Rice and David Hemphill argue over a bright orange hat. Nanea Miyata on Camera.
AD Brittany Marie Morisson slates for a take at the top of the stairs, for 'Leanne is Gone'. Jesse James Rice runs into frame for his performance.
Enigmatic director Bryan Scott Cooper gives some unorthodox direction to Nanea Miyata, asking her to "center" the actor in the frame.
Energetic director Bryan Scott Cooper runs down a flight of stairs to stand-in, and block out one of the scenes from the short film 'Leanne is Gone'.
Actor Jesse James Rice is made to pretend that a coffee table is a comfy couch for an Over-the-shoulder view of actor David Hemphill.
Actor Jesse James Rice wasn't supposed to ACTUALLY break the end table for this scene in 'Leanne is Gone', but he was so "in the moment" he caused irreversible damage.
Jesse makes a mess of the living room for a scene in 'Leanne is Gone'. Barely over 5 feet, Nanea Miyata deftly films over the shoulder of Actor David Hemphill.
Director Bryan Scott Cooper gives direction from the bottom of the stairs, yelling action to the actors David Hemphill and Jesse James Rice, in 'Leanne is Gone'.
These apartment stairs got a lot of use during filming. Take 2 of a very quiet scene shot with Actors Jesse James Rice and David Hemphill for 'Leanne is Gone'. The director is very happy with the outcome.
Director Bryan Scott Cooper mispeaks when talking to Production Coordinator, Tyler Clement. Meanwhile, Jesse banters with Co-Director Annie McVey about the project.