Jesse James Rice

Lambda Chi

Lambda Chi

An LGBTQ mystery series created by Ryan Roschke and Jesse James Rice


Welcome to Southern California University! Nestled in the sunny slopes near Angeles Forest, life here can feel like a fast-paced murder mystery with more twists than a spiral-bound notebook: coded murder threats, dangerous love triangles, and deadly confessions. Watch closely for clues — you never know who may have a sword at your back.

We think you’ll find life on campus both thrilling and fun.


Innocent freshman Levi doesn’t know a soul at SoCal U. Desperate to find a boyfriend and fit in, he decides to pledge a gay fraternity, Lambda Chi, with the help of his newfound friends, Andre and Mila. Little do they know, they’ve set off a course of events that will end the semester in betrayal — and a grisly murder.

Throughout a grueling 10-week pledge process, Levi learns exactly what it takes to be a brother in Lambda Chi, the school’s premier gay fraternity. The brotherhood may be shrouded in mystery and violence, but it’s Levi’s best bet at surviving his freshman year.
The more Levi uncovers the inner workings of Lambda Chi, the more devastating the secrets are. At the dark heart of this organization is the cunning President, Tanner, and his all-too-charming boyfriend (and Vice President) Dylan.

We realize, perhaps too late, that the mystery of a missing student is inextricably linked to the fate of another poor victim.

Once the full truth comes out, Levi will never be the same.
   Be advised: We do not recommend walking alone on campus.

Be advised: We do not recommend walking alone on campus.


Our hero Levi fumbles his way through the 10-week Lambda Chi pledge process and his first semester at SoCal U. Every week, in simultaneous flashes, a mystery unfolds: the dramatic and violent conclusion of the fraternity’s end-of-semester retreat.
Week 1: As wide-eyed Levi settles into dorm life, he finds unlikely friendships in empathetic artist Mila and neurotic roommate Andre. After meeting a boy and braving the whirlwind of rush week events, Levi and Andre finally dare to pledge Lambda Chi.

Week 2: The treacherous Lambda pledge process begins. Levi finds himself tempted by a secret love affair that could destroy his social life. Meanwhile, Andre begins secretly digging for clues about a pledge who disappeared at last year’s brotherhood retreat.

Week 3: Mila begins her own covert operation to rid the campus of predatory students, and Levi submits to his feelings for Dylan, Tanner’s long-time boyfriend. Levi also discovers a shocking connection between the missing student and Andre.

Week 4: At the infamous pledge sleepover, students drink their feelings and divulge their darkest secrets. Levi sees his fellow pledge brothers in a new light, and the reality of his deception starts to damage his friendships.

 We are cooperating with authorities in the investigation of the disappearance of a student last semester. 

We are cooperating with authorities in the investigation of the disappearance of a student last semester. 

Week 5: Midterm week. Levi’s rising academic pressures collide with an event Tanner calls “The World’s Most Dangerous Scavenger Hunt.” While the boys are busy, Mila discovers her latest target predator is linked to the Lambda brotherhood.

Week 6: Tanner’s maniacal hazing takes a dangerous turn. The pledges are abandoned with nothing in a sketchy neighborhood, far from campus. Relying on Andre’s hidden street-smarts, they find their way back to campus.

Week 7: Boiling tensions come to a head: Mila has a mental break while exacting her vigilante justice, and Andre discovers Levi’s secret affair. As new evidence about the missing pledge comes to light, Tanner and Dylan nearly split over how to handle the damning revelations.

Week 8: Thanksgiving week gives us glimpses into the shocking home lives of each student. Levi has to face his parents as the person he has become while away at school, and we discover how Tanner’s cookie-cutter family has secrets of their own.

Week 9: Hell Week. The emotion and blackmail of fall semester come to a claustrophobic head when the pledges are forced to spend a week in the frat house, doing the brothers’ bidding. Levi is forced to make a tough decision when he and Dylan are almost caught.

Week 10: All is revealed. The mysterious flashes we’ve been seeing all semester play out chronologically, exposing the truth of Lambda’s fateful retreat weekend. The sword is brandished, and the victim is unveiled in a thrilling climax the brothers will not soon forget.

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 LEVI (18): A small-town, mixed-race virgin with a big heart, and an even bigger sense of optimism. He’s on a quest to find love and figure out who he is. Quick to trust and supremely naive, he will go to great lengths to crush his loneliness.

ANDRE (20): The fabulous junior transfer. He’s a fierce latino who knows who the fuck he is: a boss-ass bitch with exquisite taste. With roots in a poor, broken family, he aspires to own mansions and eat caviar. He’s smarter than you think, and he’s happy to be underestimated.

MILA (20): With incredible wisdom and intuition, she knows what you need before you even ask. She’s always looking for ways to release the inner turmoil and emotional trauma she has overcome. Don’t fuck with her friends, unless you want to see her claws come out.
TANNER (21): The President of Lambda Chi and the epitome of white privilege. He’s devastatingly handsome, disgustingly rich, and not used to hearing the word no. He will do anything to keep his perfectly crafted image together. Anything.
DYLAN (20): Tanner’s boyfriend and Lambda’s VP, he is the most charming frat boy you’ll ever meet, and not just because of his irresistible southern accent. He’s a whip-smart student who always stays one step ahead of the pack.

JEFF (20): Lambda’s cheerful new Pledge Marshall. It’s not hard for him to bring his pledge babies under his wing, teaching them loyalty, trust, and bonding. He’s so determined to see the best in people that he’s often blind to their flaws.
SIMONE (21): The imperious, butch President of SoCal U’s lesbian sorority, LEZ. While she may present as a vindictive opportunist, she actually hides a deep, nurturing worry for her closest friends.

Of course, many more characters are lurking around the campus of Socal U. With over-attentive professors, shady on-campus police, and a diverse range of student parents, there are many opportunities for unforgettable guest-starring appearances.


At SoCal U, we believe in keeping things creative, energetic, and full of surprises.
Soak in the joyful self-awareness of Wes Craven’s Scream sprinkled with the deep character insight of Big Little Lies. You can also enjoy the dark, humorous wit of Election, along with the intense and clever twists of Gone Girl.

Our university’s music is eclectic but purposeful, sometimes swinging wildly from an upbeat summer hit to a deep and haunting bass tone. You’ll be peering into frat parties, romances, and murder, after all.


This is the second year of Lambda Chi, the exclusively inclusive gay fraternity here at SoCal U.

With an impeccable reputation for academic and social superiority, Lambda’s brothers can strut across campus with pride. Its founding members believe nothing is greater than loyalty. You can count on their leaders to make hard decisions, and protect brotherhood secrets.

The chosen symbol of the fraternity is a striking golden sword, representing both the razor-sharp power of brotherhood and the danger of turning against one another.

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